The phoenix dies in a show of flames and reemerges from its own ashes reborn, renewed, and revitalized.  This mythological bird’s cyclic life is reminisce of many aspects of triathlon training both on a small-scale of speed work, longer endurance workouts, and then a rest day to renew your body before it all starts again. Also on a large-scale of periodization phase training ending with a recovery rest phase to prepare for the next cycle. Rest and recovery are often marginalized but is arguably the most important training phase. By allowing adequate time for torn muscle tissue to repair and strengthen you build strength and speed.


The fire bird embodies change, fresh starts, and determination. This will be a year of PRs, new race distances, new and revitalizing friendships, and regaining my voice. This race season I will be fierce and on fire! I love that I can carry all of this energy with me while running in INKnBURN’s phoenix tech shirt to push my limits and really soar.

What are some of your new beginnings? Will you join me in bringing it all and being zealous this year?

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