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Santa Cruz 70.3 Nutrition

The Plan

I tend to be on the lower side of calorie intake and tried increasing my bike calorie intake by primarily drinking the on course Gatorade Endurance Formula instead of primarily water. My nutrition plan was to set an alarm to eat a shot block every 15 mins on the bike a drink Gatorade often in between. Then running I would drink a cup of Gatorade and a cup of water through the aid stations. I would eat a Gu near aid station 4, 8, and 12. (more…)

Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz 2017

It’s the big day. The “A” race. What all this training has been leading up to!! My last long distance race was my first wack at a full Ironman so I raced it to be comfortable and finish. This time I was pushing for a pretty awesome PR (personal record). I wanted to get at least a 30-40 min course and 70.3 PR which is 7 hours. I did it! I finished in 6:38. WAY under 7 hours! But, we had a few curve balls. Let’s back up to the beginning of the weekend. (more…)

Aquathlon Worlds

“As I’m setting up transition, I’m reminded this was not the running season I wanted. Started over running in June and haven’t been able to do any speed work. Right now I’m just thankful I CAN run. With that, goals and expectations have been shifted but I’ll still race my heart out today with a smile on my race. #teamUSA #penticton2017 #createalifeyoulove”