Aquathon Nationals


I have never been this under-prepared for a race since 2014. Post Ironman training, I took about two months off to do cross training and try something new. (You can read more about that adventure here.) In planning for next year and what goals I may have a girlfriend from Rhode Island (more…)

ITOC 2016


Almost 90 fighters from around the world gathered in Springfield, Illinois for The International Tournament of Chivalry. Included in their ranks were nine fighters from the California team Ursus. My husband and I have been driving down to San Jose every weekend for team practice and to build my armor in just over a month. It’s been a whirlwind getting everything finished (more…)

Shaver Triathlon


This is a different kind of race report…..since I didn’t race. WHAT didn’t race?!? Nope.  It takes many, many, many volunteers to put on any size race from a sprint to a full Ironman. While I am racing I try to thank the volunteers and officers on the course when I can but why not give back by volunteering yourself? I absolutely love hearing about the successful races other athletes had and the smiles on their faces. (more…)