As my husband and I are driving home from 5 days unplugged and away from all of our responsibilities I am reflecting on just how much having a support network is vital. We just celebrated our five-year anniversary; there have been ups and downs but through it all my husband is my biggest cheerleader (ringing in a close second are my parents).


First I want to take some time to brag on my husband. He has a passion and zeal for his sport that is inspiring to watch. If you thought swimming, cycling, and running for hours on end was crazy it is nothing compared to my husband’s drug of choice. He dons a 70 lb suit of steel armor and weapons to pummel competitors in an arena. This isn’t a medieval reenactment or show; it’s full speed live medieval combat. My husband fights on a team ranging from 5-21 knights on the field at once. This year he is the captain of Team USA for Historical Medieval Battle who train and fight at tournaments around the USA and world, including at a world championship with over 30 countries. Saying I am proud is an understatement.


Photograph copyright Kelli Thompson, 2015

Even though we may be different brands of crazy my husband can appreciate my desire to push myself beyond my limits and do something that is extraordinary. Something that less than 0.01% of the population has done. Even though he has absolutely no desire to run more than three miles with me and won’t touch a bicycle (maybe a three-wheeled recumbent someday), he still understands the mental aspect of an extreme sport and the internal battles I face.

Thank you my love for cherishing me, building me up, constantly encouraging me, and all around being my biggest cheerleader. I love you more than I could every say. Below is a gift David gave me for the start of 2016 training season.


For more photographs of medieval armored combat visit WWW.KELLI.PHOTO

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  1. What a freaking cool family! Just think how handy that battle training will be when the Zombie Apocalypse happens. You will be totally safe and uneaten!

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