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2018 Blossom Time Trial #2

Race Prep

It’s only been three weeks since the last Time Trial so any improvement would be huge. For the past four days my ankle has been hurting, only being able to support 70-80% of my weight on it. Going into today’s race I knew I would have to back off if it started hurting. While getting ready I talked to one of my mentors and friends Summer about a potential race strategy (more…)

2018 Blossom Time Trial #1

Race Prep

It’s here! It’s here! The first time trial of the year. The race was scheduled for last Tuesday but it got rained out and rescheduled for this week. My expectation going into this time trial was to get a new base line and to have a little bit of a dip from last season. At this point I’m trying not to make lofty goals; just hitting PRs no matter how big or small. I’m excited to see what this season brings. (more…)

Rocky Hill Sprint Triathlon

Race morning

Forecast was rain for race day but a few days before the hourly prediction showed rain wouldn’t start until about 1pm. Fingers crossed! The down side to localish races is they aren’t quite far enough to justify a hotel which means SUPER early race day if you’re an hour or farther away, which was me this morning. Ugh!  (more…)