Thoughts on today’s long run

“10 miles isn’t too bad. It’s really just three 5ks and a cool down. Let’s do 3 5k out and backs.”

The second 5k branch is a fork at mile 2.
“I should keep going and turn around at 6 miles and then your done. That’ll be way easier than starting again. 6 miles is easy because you only have 4 more to go.”

At mile 2.5 “Maybe I should turn around at 3.5 miles, no just get it done.”

At mile 3 “I’ve never gone past here before. I wonder where it goes! Yeah for adventures! 3 miles until you turn around. That’s only 3 times 1 mile.”

At mile 3.5 “oh thank God a stop light!”

At mile 4 “Love that it’s shaded, it’s so cool here!”

At mile 4.5 “how far does this trail go? Does it ever end?”

At mile 4.75 “This must be the end! Oh no, it just turns. Running, running, still running.”

At mile 5.75 “There’s a fork; which way should I go. Left it is.” Run, run, run “ugh sidewalk. That’s boring, I don’t want to run on the sidewalk. Oh look! Let’s go across the street to the canal. That looks cool.”

At mile 5 “Why am I running on dirt? I hate dirt.” Look watch “Ugh my pace is SO slow…oh yeah…dirt. Maybe I should turn around at 5.5. But then you’ll have to do an extra mile. That’s going to be hard. Just keep going. Go to 6.”

At mile 5.5 “The reeds or whatever they are in the canal are really pretty. The way they sway in the water.”

At mile 5.75 “End of the road. I guess I have to turn around.”

At mile 7 “I wonder if I’ll make it back without needing to add an extra tail. Hmm I need to be at 8 something at the light. I hope so.”

At mile 8.5 “I don’t think it’ll be far enough. I think I need extra.”

At mile 8.75 “Maybe! I hope it’s over 9 miles at the fork.”

At mile 9 “Nope. Exactly a mile at the fork. I think it’s .66 back so I’ll need to do extra. Hmph”

At mile 9.33 “road crossing. It’s 1/3 of a mile from the fork to the road crossing. I’ll keep that in mind. I wonder if it’s another 1/3 to the next road crossing.”

At mile 9.6 “Yep, almost. Ok just go to 9.8 and turn around.”

At mile 9.65 “WHAT!!! Only .05 miles!! Ugh.”

At mile 9.75 “Almost there.”

At mile 9.8 “TURN AROUND. Now go! You can make your goal time!”

At mile 9.9 “Almost there!”

At mile 10, beep “Yes! Follow through to the street light for strava. And done!” Click.

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