As I mentioned in a post last year (A New Year), I’m not big into “resolutions” and instead I make goals that I intend to conquer. For 2017 I’m transitioning from building distance to working on speed! I have been looking forward to the 2017 training season pretty much since Vineman Ironman was over. I’m itching to get back to hard core training and really pushing myself this year because the time has come to focus and work on SPEED!!

I’ve had a minor set back due to a bone bruise from my last armored fighting tournament; as a result I took almost the entire month of December off of running to prevent an injury and let it fully heal. We’ll see how my foot holds up at the resolution run. This year most of my goals are oriented around performance and speed in each discipline plus a few life style adjustments I need to make.

  • PR Santa Cruz 70.3 by 1 hour (6:30)
  • Swim sub 2:00/100 yards for 1,000 yard time trial
  • Break 22 mph at time trials
  • PR half marathon (2:26 current PR)
  • Get down to 160 race weight
  • No sodas

Now the fun part….RACE SCHEDULE!!! The grey races I am volunteering or cheering for my team at, teal are A and B races, black are C races, and red are fun runs. (Keep an eye out for race reports on all of these in the coming year!)

Do you see any races you’ll be at? Come say hi! I’d love to hear about your resolutions or goals for 2017 down in the comments below. Happy training!!

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