The Pinnacle Pup Run, produced by Pinnacle Training Systems, benefits several local no kill animal shelters including Fresno Bully Rescue and Valley Animal Rescue to name a few. What makes this run unique and fun is the shorter distance, 2 miles, is by dog weight class. Um yes! All the four-legged fur balls you could ask for at this race. The longer distance race, 5 miles, is by age group but dogs are still welcome on the course.

Five days before the Pinnacle Pup Run in 2012 I lost my childhood dog, patches. My family had planned to attend with her and we were heart broken. We made shirts with a picture of her and did the run in honor of our beloved hound…even 4 years later I am crying trying to write this. A few months later on New Year’s my husband and I rescued our fur baby, Max. Between loosing Patches just before the race and Max being a rescue pup, this race has a special place in my heart.


I waited till Max’s joints were developed enough but then it was time to start training! With the help of the best dog trainer in Fresno, Nick Holmes, Max learned to walk off leash and many other helpful skills for running. In 2013 Max had some run experience but was way too excited! He burned himself out in the first mile and made us walk the second mile but still a fun day for the little guy. In 2014 we were training for a half Ironman. (I say we because Max does most of my training runs with me!) We signed up for the 5 mile run and did 2 more miles after the end of the race. Max was less distracted but still was more tired than our normal training runs. In 2015 I had a race conflict but I hope it is the only one we miss.


This year’s race was August 27th, just 3 weeks after Vineman Ironman and pretty much my longest and hardest run since the race. It’s a long day for the pups since there is so much stimulation. Max thinks every dog is there to play with him, and every person want to pet him. I started 30-60 seconds behind the everyone else just so we would have some more space. Max was very excited yet again so I gave it my all to let him run a bit faster. We hit the turned around and to my surprise it was a 28 second PR! Wow! So we kept going as hard as we could to the finish line. We had a 1 and 2 mile PR! I honestly almost never looking at running results because I am never anywhere close but I check this time. We were only 5 seconds away from 3rd place!!! I never thought I would be this close to the podium at a run….it is a small local race but still! I love running with my pup because he is always so excited to go it makes me want to run faster so he will have more fun. He especially loves our interval days….and proceeding to run circles around me after.

If you’re a dog lover in the Fresno area come check out the pinnacle Pup Run next year. It is for a great cause and a load of fun.


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