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Aquathlon Worlds

“As I’m setting up transition, I’m reminded this was not the running season I wanted. Started over running in June and haven’t been able to do any speed work. Right now I’m just thankful I CAN run. With that, goals and expectations have been shifted but I’ll still race my heart out today with a smile on my race. #teamUSA #penticton2017 #createalifeyoulove”


California Sprint Tri 2017

I’ve mentioned before the theme for the year is moving from completing to competing. Even though I’ve done countless sprints in the past, even making goals for myself, I’ve always done it at training pace or something comfortable to finish at. This race is my first attempt at “racing” a sprint, pushing outside of my comfort zone, and really seeing what I’m capable of.


Ironman 70.3 Oceanside


Race weekend started off with the typical Ironman Village and debriefing. If you are able to, I highly recommend attending the earliest athlete debriefing possible because it will be less crowded and if there is any new information, you have plenty of time to prepare. I also recommend giving yourself time to be able to go through the entire Ironman Village and have a little spending money; it’s a great opportunity to get discounted (more…)