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California Triathlon 2018

Some races are about chasing a PR and some races are about having fun. California Sprint Triathlon was all about having fun and maybe trying to beat last year’s time but I was trying a few new things at this race so I was going to be happy with just having fun. (more…)

Ironman 70.3 Santa Cruz 2017

It’s the big day. The “A” race. What all this training has been leading up to!! My last long distance race was my first wack at a full Ironman so I raced it to be comfortable and finish. This time I was pushing for a pretty awesome PR (personal record). I wanted to get at least a 30-40 min course and 70.3 PR which is 7 hours. I did it! I finished in 6:38. WAY under 7 hours! But, we had a few curve balls. Let’s back up to the beginning of the weekend. (more…)

California Sprint Tri 2017

I’ve mentioned before the theme for the year is moving from completing to competing. Even though I’ve done countless sprints in the past, even making goals for myself, I’ve always done it at training pace or something comfortable to finish at. This race is my first attempt at “racing” a sprint, pushing outside of my comfort zone, and really seeing what I’m capable of.