Coveskipper Aquathlon

Race Morning

This race is very laid back with a late morning start at 10am. It was nice getting to sleep in even while staying 45 minutes away. This race is oriented around UC San Diego’s collegiate team kick off so you can expect all the participants to be young 20 somethings and some family/friends. I’ve never felt “old” at a race before but at 26 I definitely felt old, but that’s ok! (more…)

Tri Tulare 2017

The “A” race is over but I’m not ready for tri season to be over. At the last minute I decided to pick up a local sprint. Why not? Just go have fun and see what I could do in a pool for 400 yards. My swim goal of the year is an 8 min 400 yard time trial (which is 2:00/100 yards). I didn’t expect to really be 100% by this race but would just focus on having fun and racing with my mom. It’s her first tri in about THREE years! She did awesome and has a new base line moving forward.┬áThis was also my very first triathlon I ever did back in 2012! We’ll see how it compares (more…)

Santa Cruz 70.3 Nutrition

The Plan

I tend to be on the lower side of calorie intake and tried increasing my bike calorie intake by primarily drinking the on course Gatorade Endurance Formula instead of primarily water. My nutrition plan was to set an alarm to eat a shot block every 15 mins on the bike a drink Gatorade often in between. Then running I would drink a cup of Gatorade and a cup of water through the aid stations. I would eat a Gu near aid station 4, 8, and 12. (more…)