In the social media world Tuesday is filled with posts of people’s transformations (usually with a fitness focus). Today I’m sharing a different kind of transformation….with a few weeks of down time I decided to upgrade my tri closet.

It just had one hanging hook and was filled with, well, junk that needed to be purged. We started by gutting the closet interior which was a shelf and wood bar for hanging clothes. It was just bare wall under the shelf since it was the original house shelving. We patched up the nail holes and painted the closet interior with boring white but white will be the best when looking at all of the pretty kit colors! I ordered a custom IKEA unit you can build one for yourself here. Just click on the “customize this combination” link. Mine came out to just $108.

This is NOT easy to install. There was a lot of measuring and leveling, and double checking. I’m glad my grandmother was able to help out and has more experience in this department. If you are not handy with tools and leveling this may not be the unit for you.


The kit does not coming with any of the screws needed, so first step with getting the necessary anchors and screws. Next we measured how far off the ground we needed to mount the back rails in order for the basket to fit on the bottom attachment slot which would give more hanging space than the picture shows. After lots and lots of measuring and leveling we mounted the back railing and top suspension rails. The rest is pretty easy after getting the back mounted. You just pop in the side brackets where you want them and then the other pieces lock in.


I’m happy to have a much more functional tri closet now that will fit *most* of my gear.

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  1. love this. Great way to organize, I have a whole room I need to attack. I love having all my jersey’s hanging to go through. Originally when you say you were going to upgrade your closet I thought you were throwing out all your tri clothes and buying new ones. Looks great!

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