Race Prep

It’s here! It’s here! The first time trial of the year. The race was scheduled for last Tuesday but it got rained out and rescheduled for this week. My expectation going into this time trial was to get a new base line and to have a little bit of a dip from last season. At this point I’m trying not to make lofty goals; just hitting PRs no matter how big or small. I’m excited to see what this season brings.

My least favorite part of this whole process is warming up. It sounds dumb but I always drag my feet getting around to the warm up. I spent my procrastination time today chatting with a guy who came to watch since he had his own workout this morning. We chatted about water bottle set ups that are more aero and race strategies since I just did an FTP test last week. I decided to go with his strategy and shoot for my FTP on the way out and a little higher on the way back.

The Race

I set off for an 8 min warm up. I went out for 3:30, did a 30 second pick up, and turned around. I got back just after the first cyclist too kind off and found my spot in line. I fumbled a bit when it was my turn to go but I clipped in and stood up to get my speed going. Per a friends suggestions, I keep both the overall average power and the 3 second power. I tried my best to keep my power 170-178 but it bounced around quite a bit. I passed the woman right I need front of me a few minutes in. The next few miles were pretty uneventful with couple cuts whizzing by until a guy passed me, barely, and then didn’t pull away. I tried my best to not draft behind him by moving to the side but he Madeline it pretty difficult to maintain my target. I ended up passing him after a while. I tried being a little better at the turn aroun but it’s something I really have to practice moving forward. I was at 174 average power at the turn around and now the game changed to trying to raise the average power. Slowely but surely my average speed and average power started creeping up. The same guy got in front of me and SLOWED DOWN. It would have been ok I feel he held his line but he cut right in front of me. I tried to be polite and said “please don’t slow down in front of me.” As I passed him back. I ended with a PR 10 mile power of 178. It was a PR but just 1 watt but that’s still improvement!

Post Race

I didn’t feel as constricted and desperate to breath as my PR time (back before I used power). That’s tells me I could have pushed a little bit harder but I’m still happy with the season opener.


Ended up with my 4th best time and best average power. I’m excited to have a starting point for the season.

Place: 1/1 Division, 2/5 Women, 15/25 Overall
Time: 27:45
Gear: Betty Designs skinsuit, Luis Garneau P09 aero helmet, Cervelo P3, Reynolds Assault/Strike wheels, Grand Prix 400S II Road Tyre

Special thanks to my bike sponsor Rubber Soul for always keeping my ride in tip top shape, Betty Designs for decking me out in the best apparel, Coola for keeping my skin protected with top quality sunscreen, Belegarth socks for keeping my feet blister free and my other sponsors boco gear, sbr sports, and momentum jewelery.

Photo credit: Gary Brooks