Race Prep

It’s only been three weeks since the last Time Trial so any improvement would be huge. For the past four days my ankle has been hurting, only being able to support 70-80% of my weight on it. Going into today’s race I knew I would have to back off if it started hurting. While getting ready I talked to one of my mentors and friends Summer about a potential race strategy and suggestions of some power goals. Based on last month’s power average of 178 she suggested shooting for 180 at the turn around and 185 by the finish line. I had my work cut out for me today but the temperature was perfect and it was overcast.

I set out for a 10 min warm up and the wind was INSANE! Staying upright was now the most important part of the race.

The Race

The volunteers started corralling us to the start line about 5 minutes before the race was scheduled to. The women were seeded first and I was the fifth in line.

I’ve been first before but I really like having someone ahead to chase! Ultimately it’s just you against the clock but having a rabbit is a much bigger motivator for me than running away from athletes behind me. This race has 30 second increments to set riders off with a 5 second count down. 5-4-3-2-1 and off I went!

A couple minutes into the race I got a heafty gust that almost took out my front wheel. Thankfully I was able to maintain control but this was going to be a sketchy race! We had an average of 16mph winds with gusts of 23mph. Summer blew by me in about three minutes and I didn’t have anyone else come by until almost the turn around which is unusual. In total I had Summer and 3 guys pass me by the turn around. I nailed the first goal and averaged 180 watts at the turn around cone! Now the hard work of working on a negative split and inching that number up. In the second half I was able to chase down 2 women in from of me. At this point I couldn’t muster saying anything as I passed them which is probably a good thing and meant I was going hard enough. Passing people has more to do when where people are seeded in relation to each other more than anything else.

At mile 8 of 10 I hit my goal of 185 and tried to keep pushing my average as hard as I could. At mile 9 I got a bit queezy and knew I was closer to my limit than last week. When I got to the last 1/2 mile I threw on another gear and pushed as hard as I could. I ended with a 187 power average which is a 9 watt PR!

Post Race

It’s a challenge balancing pushing to your limit but not pushing too hard that you hit a wall early. I’m super excited for this month’s PR and to see what the next race will bring.


Place: 2/2 Division, 3/7 Women, 21/38 Overall
Time: 27:36
Gear: Betty Designs skinsuit, Luis Garneau P09 aero helmet, Cervelo P3, Reynolds Assault/Strike wheels, Grand Prix 400S II Road Tyre

Special thanks to my bike sponsor Rubber Soul for always keeping my ride in tip top shape, Betty Designs for decking me out in the best apparel, Coola for keeping my skin protected with top quality sunscreen, Balega socks for keeping my feet blister free and my other sponsors Boco gear, SBR sports, and Momentum Jewelery.

Photo credit: Jim Hawe

4 Comments on 2018 Blossom Time Trial #2

  1. It was great to be out there with you!! You did an awesome job and I am excited for your continued progress this season. Way to push yourself!

    • Thanks Sumer! I love watching you encourage women in cycling. Your a wonderful role model to have.

  2. I am new to all of this and am unfamiliar with power score… Time trial ing. What is the purpose, is it unrelated to the triathlon world?

    • Power is a way to measure the amount of work your doing while cycling. It’s measured in watts. This might be a good read with some new cycling terms. I explained a bit more detail about what a time trial is and how our local one is run in my first time trial race report here. Both of these are absolutely related to the triathlon world but not necessary. Many athletes, especially when they are coached, do threshold testing. I choose to do these oriented around time trials because it’s much easier to push to my limits in a race condition. Time trials are also a great way to learn about yourself and what it feels like to push yourself on the bike.

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