Sunglasses are something I’ve always skimped on to be able to buy more important things….like tri kits! Why spend $100+ on sunglasses when I can get one for $5 at a gas station. Plus I loose them ALL the time. At an Ironman expo we stopped by the ROKA booth and tried on some sunglasses. Such a difference! They were so light weight and comfortable I barely noticed they were there. I went with the Rio Titanium in Copper/Bronze/Rose Gold since it was one of the smaller lenses and fit my face the best. These aviators weigh in at just 18 grams which is why you forget they are even on your face. Another contributor are the wide nose pads that don’t dig in.

Obviously these rock as every day fashion sunglasses but Roka also touts these sunglasses won’t budge while working out, so I needed to put it through the ropes. First up with some cycling. It did great at blocking the wind and didn’t budge, even on rough roads. These may not be a close enough fit for those with sensitive eyes but they worked great for me.

I was more skeptical of the run performance because there is more motion and bouncing while running compared to cycling. My first run workout with them was hill repeats and I sweat a LOT while running hills. The Roka aviators really lived up to their hype. They were barely noticeable and didn’t need be adjusted at all.

So what goes into the no-slip technology? Roka calls it GEKO inspired by the soft but sticky feet of the Gecko. The pads are hydrophilic, chemical resistant. And supports multidirectional traction with comfort. Roka says “No matter how sweaty you get, and which way you move, bounce, or shake — these won’t fall off your face.” And it’ certainly true.

The only downside to these sunnies is they aren’t photo-tech, meaning they don’t change opacity with the amount of sunlight they are exposed to. If your doing most, or all of your training during the day with ample sunlight these would be my #1 pick but if you do a lot of dusk riding you may need clear glasses or photo-tech in addition. I still wear my photo-tech sunglasses when I may run into a low-light situation but if it’s sunny Roka’s Rio Titanium sunglasses are my go to because they are comfortable and light weight. These far exceeded my expectations and were worth the purchase.

You can buy your own sports aviators here. I get not commission on these, I’m just a happy customer.

“High performance optics that refuse to sacrifice style” -Roka #findfaster #rokaOptics