Supacaz bar tape freshly installed


What goes into good quality bar tape anyways? In my opinion texture, shock absorption, moisture absorption, how easily it cleans, and price. I’ve been using Supacaz in Celeste for 9 months now and it STILL looks brand new. If you looked at my bike today you might guess I had just wrapped it yesterday. In fact, I have been asked multiple times over the winter when riding with a friend for the first time since Ironman training (July) if my bar tape was new. Sweat, grease, and spilled nutrition all wipes off easily leaving the bar tape in like new condition. Supacaz has simplified bar tape down to offering just one product with varying designs or ascetics but all of their bar tape is 2.5mm which is on the thicker end of the spectrum for bar tape and you can tell when it comes to shock absorption. Supacaz markets their tape as ‘no more gloves’ which I have dropped and been riding bare hand since end of July. The shock and moisture absorption combined make the bar tape comfortable to grip without gloves and prevent any slipping.


All Supacaz has their logo pattern etched in to the texture; some are colored and more visible, others are more subtle. This pattern helps line up the tape for a consistent depth while wrapping. The backing is lined with a small sticky strip to help keep it in place. Despite it’s thickness there’s enough stretch to get a nice tension in the tape as you wrap. There is plenty of tape length to wrap all the way to the stem if you desire and you will still have some left over.

Supacaz bar tape in box


I would rate Supacaz very highly in all of the quality categories; now what about price? A box with two rolls will set you back $40 which is a bit expensive but, like most things, you get what you pay for.  All in all Supacaz is high quality bar tape and I would highly recommend giving it a try. You don’t really know what your missing until you try a high quality product. On longer rides your gripping your bar tape for hours and the right tape can make a huge difference for your comfort.

What has been your favorite bar tape? I’d love to hear down in the comments!


Brand: Supacaz
Thickness: 2.5mm
Rating: 4.5

Supacaz bar tape