Let’s have some real talk for a moment about body image and confidence.
Streamline swimming body image

It’s no secret I’m a proud Athena triathlete. Like many women athletes, I struggle with body image and confidence at times. I just started trying out a master’s swim program and with that comes meeting lots of new friends who I will be swimming with regularly. It took four sessions to finally drum up the courage to wear my favorite lap swimming bikini that is WAY more comfortable than my one piece. Why was I sacrificing comfort and wasting energy that should be focused on the drills at hand? It was easy to be comfortable in this two piece around a bunch of strangers at the gym but “real” swimmers I will be seeing at least twice a week is a completely different story.

Thanks to some encouragement from @gkwhiting I got the courage (at least long enough to get out the door past the point of no return) and wore my two piece to masters. The only comment I got was that the pattern was super cute.

We put a lot more weight into how we look than anyone else. Most people don’t give a second thought to what your wearing, so be comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear and train in.

Be you. Be confident. Swim on.