Photo Credit: Gary Brooks

Pre Race

Coach said find a 5k to do a heart rate threshold test so the Sycamore Island 5k & 10k, put on by San Joaquin Running was perfect timing. Most of these races are capped at very low participant numbers and the easier trail runs sell out so register early for these just in case.

Race Day

I usually help with these races so the race director, Nate, was going to register me race morning. The race sold out so I was the only one registering that morning. I asked Nate for a “fun” bib number think 42 or maybe a prime number would be pretty cool…this is what he pulled out.

In the past I’ve been a completer just finishing new distances. This year in transitioning to “competed” and I have a handful of personal records I’m trying to beat. The purpose of today’s race was to find my running heart rate threshold. Essentially I should be dizzy or throwing up at the finish line. Fun!! The test instructions were to do 2 miles as an easy warm up and the last mile all out. My heart rate should continue to increase during this test to find my threshold. Any walking will mean my heart rate will drop and recover.

I typically run 1 mile, and walk .01 miles for water breaks. I wanted to run this 5k straight through but it didn’t happen. The rule was to walk no more than 10 seconds so I stuck pretty religiously to this rule. I ended up walking at mile 1, 2, and 2.5, and 3.1 since it was longer than a 5k and hit a wall at mile 2.5 and had trouble finishing. I was hoping to have a kick for the last 1/4 mile but had nothing left to give. Fastforward to the finish line I was a bit light headed after finishing but nothing too serious. I was disappointed in my execution of this test both by the amount of walking and burning out too soon. Looking at my max heart rate I hit 202, which I doubt is my running threshold, but my head mt rate did continue to increase. My coach assures my I did well for the first attempt at a 5k threshold test but we arleays the hardest on ourselves. This was an interesting experience and I’m looking forward to executing the next one better.

Photo Credit: Ploen Photo

Two for two podiums so far this year!! It’s always nice to get up on the podium but in the end it’s still a competition with myself.

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