What goes into the best pair of goggles for both lap swimming and open water? I have a pretty short but very import list of features that must be met for goggle performance.

  • No leaking
  • Doesn’t fog
  • Wide range of view
  • Minimal “goggle eye”

The first three I think are obvious and all oriented around performance. If you can’t see clearly you can’t sight buoys and swim efficiently. For fogging you can either get goggles that fit your face well and have an anti-fog film (most goggles come with it) but after time the anti-fog film will wear off and your goggles most likely will start fogging. To prevent this, try not to touch and wipe the inside of your goggles as much as possible. Once the film does wear off you can either buy a new pair of goggles or use anti-fog wipes. My favorites are SBR’s foggies.

I tested the Snake and Pig clear black goggles for multiple open water and pool swim sessions including an assessment which is the most likely to make my goggles fog up. I didn’t have any fogging and the double gasket design makes these goggles comfortable on a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. These goggles also had the widest range of view I’ve tried in open water yet. They are so comfortable and easy to see out of I almost forget I’m wearing goggles.

Goggle eye is the only nonperformance feature I look for on the list. This may be more important for women than men but the soft under eye tissue can become pretty abused after consistent swim training with suction cups stuck to them.

Snake and Pig goggles hit every one of these features, but I was particular impressed with having NO goggle eye, not just reduced. I took an after-picture minutes after an hour-long swim session. Color me impressed! I’ve never been this impressed with a pair of goggles before. A feature that I don’t typically look for, but I love about these goggles are the easy side adjustments. You just pull the tabs and they tighten easily but they also lock in to place without additional fastening.

Want to try them youself? You can use the code “TriJanae” for 10% off your first purchase at snakeandpig.com